What is GeerGarage?

Discover a new collaborative gear-lending technology, the changes it aims to make in society and the way this could flip what you thought you knew about equipment-sharing.

GeerGarage is an outdoor gear-sharing marketplace that takes great equipment off garage shelves and gets it back in the wild through a community of local adventure-lovers. Designed in Seattle, the technology facilitates peer-to-peer equipment rental by matching people with local lenders who have the gear needed to get outside when adventure calls. 

We uncovered the potential of GeerGarage as a go-to service for anyone wanting to get outside – in Washington and beyond – by growing a sharing economy that offers equitable access to adventure activities through fair pricing and a community of locals passionate about outdoor sustainability.

Outdoor gear is expensive (and sits mostly unused)

Buying equipment to go on a backpacking trip costs on average, as much as $1,000. For most, it’s tricky to allocate this for a hobby unless you’re already an established participant with a chunk of disposable income. High costs = marginalizing overburdened communities. 

GeerGarage lowers this financial barrier by providing a convenient, affordable alternative to purchasing new gear to get outside. Plus, those who already own outdoor equipment, can use GeerGarage to recoup the cost of their original purchases and as an income source to fund future trips.

Unused technical gear is a waste of resources. It takes 80 suppliers just to make a single tent! Circulating equipment already available in the community is a step towards a more sustainable, collaborative economy.

Built differently

Outdoor recreation requires a lot of equipment, particularly in the Pacific Northwest – we often see renters who need as many as 10-15 different items for an upcoming trip. Unlike previous rental marketplaces, GeerGarage does the work to contact and match you with nearby lenders that can make your outdoor goals a reality. One platform, one request, one big tick off your checklist, freeing you up for planning your adventure; not your logistics.

How GeerGarage works

We’ll be honest; it’s not easy to find the right lender. Adventurers often travel unpredictably, use their equipment themselves , or simply aren’t free to lend over specific dates. But at GeerGarage, solving that problem is on us.

Create a GeerGarage rental and get the gear you need quickly and seamlessly.

Forget favors, flakers and fall-throughs and get outside today!