Seattle Street Team and our New Outdoor Community Forum

Our Lend to Own Ambassadors are helping to push GeerGarage forward, and now they're out hanging in the community to spread the word! Want to hang with us?? Let's meet up at Seattle Bouldering Project!

Thanks to our Lend to Own program, we’ve been able to give out a ton of gear for free to our trusted lenders. These GeerGarage Ambassadors receive the free gear in exchange for renting it out on our platform and in turn, are given the added responsibility of representing GeerGarage in the community. These folks range from new adventurers to seasoned experts, and through their unique perspectives, they have been helping us improve the program while advancing GeerGarage’s reach and engagement.

As part of that engagement, these Ambassadors have been out and about, hanging with community members face-to-face at the local bouldering halls, community events and anywhere else you find fellow outdoor enthusiasts. Read on to see what we've been up to and where you can find us!

Street Team 3

Meet Our Seattle Street Team

We are so grateful for our GeerGarage Ambassadors and wanted to figure out a way to spread the love even more. We figured there’s no better way to increase our engagement and tell the true story of GeerGarage directly from our Ambassadors than to get them out in the community to hang out with you all! In turn, we’ve established the GeerGarage Street Team, a select group of Ambassadors who go around to climbing gyms, breweries, parks, and local events representing GeerGarage and spreading the good word!

The Street Team is there to inform folks of GeerGarage and answer any questions, but more than anything, they are there to show off their beautiful smiling faces and make some friends! Lately, we’ve been hanging out at Seattle Bouldering Project talking with climbers and fellow outdoor enthusiasts, showing off their Lend to Own swag, and helping people discover the many ways GeerGarage can support their adventure needs. 

Street Team 2

In addition to growing our community and hanging with the awesome folks across Seattle, this is also an excellent opportunity to gather feedback and insights on our platform. The great questions that get asked directly contribute to our FAQs and our feature development lists. If someone is hesitant to try it out, we want to know why so we can figure out a way to alleviate those concerns. If someone isn’t a fan of the lending economy, we want to figure out how we can make it more appealing so folks embrace circularity in the outdoor industry. 

Coming Soon: The GeerGarage Community Forum

To nicely complement the work that our Street Team is doing at these in-person events, we also wanted to curate an online forum for folks to connect, share thoughts and ideas and simply interact with other outdoor-minded adventurers. Our Community forum is going to be exactly that resource, with sections for announcements on GeerGarage’s development, places to talk about gear, plan trips or ask questions, and even meetup groups for local hiking trips or outdoor education events.

We envision this as a place where the entire GeerGarage community can go to interact with each other, or even just share a silly photo of your cat. You can think of this as Reddit for all GeerGarage and outdoor-related content. While our primary way to support the community is by providing affordable outdoor gear rentals, we also want to foster that community spirit, by having everyone interact in one central location on our site. More information and an official release date for our community forum will be coming soon! 

These interactions are so valuable for us and we cannot thank our Street Team enough for all their hard work. We hope that the friendships and connections that happen at these events are just as valuable for them as the are for us, and we’re stoked to get our street team out there at more events coming up! If you have any interest in joining the Street team, or if you have any thoughts or ideas, you can share them here by filling out this short form. You can also read more about the GeerGarage Street team in an upcoming post!

Community Forum