Fueling Up for Outdoor Adventures: GeerGarage Team's Favorite Snacks

The GeerGarage crew thrives on outdoor adventures, from mountain biking to lake paddling. But conquering the trails takes energy, and that's where our go-to outdoor adventure snacks come in! Discover the delicious bites that keep us energized, from pre-activity pick-me-ups to post-adventure refuelers.

It's no secret that we at GeerGarage love to spend our free time exploring the great outdoors. Whether it's or paddling across a serene lake, we're always up for an adventure. But conquering the outdoors takes energy, and that's where our favorite snacks come in!

In this post, we'll share the tasty treats that keep our team fueled up for fun, from pre-activity bites to refueling post-adventure.

The Team's Favorite Snacks:

As the CEO and Founder, Adam is always on the go, but that doesn't stop him from enjoying the outdoors. Whether he's backpacking through breathtaking scenery or shredding mountain bike trails, Adam keeps his energy levels high with a classic peanut butter Clif bar. For a quick and tangy pick-me-up, he loves sour lemonade rings. To round out his post-adventure refuel, Adam enjoys a satisfying Chomp meat stick.

Adam Hiking

Based in Vermont, Jason, GeerGarage's Operations Manager, tackles the mountains on his mountain bike and catches waves when he can. He likes to keep his snacks interesting, with a mix of sweet and savory options. For sustained energy during long adventures, Jason relies on fruit leathers, giant cookies, and Honeystinger waffle energy cookies - the cookies-n-cream flavor, of course!

Jason Outdoor Adventure Snacks

As our resident PNW hiking and paddleboarding enthusiast, Jennie, Marketing Manager of GeerGarage, knows the importance of staying hydrated on the water and energized on the trails. She starts her adventures with a LiquidIV [watermelon & strawberry lemonade] to keep electrolytes balanced. For a convenient and protein-packed boost, Jennie throws a to-go pack of Ascent Plant-Based Protein Powder in chocolate peanut butter flavor in her bag and a classic PB&J or turkey, mustard, hummus sandwich! To keep her taste buds happy, she enjoys a mix of sweet and salty with Jolly Ranchers, Mini Snickers Bars, and Oberto Teriyaki Beef Jerky.

Jennie Outdoor Snacks

Living in Arizona, John, the Product & Engineering whiz at GeerGarage, knows how to stay fueled up in the desert heat. His go-to pre-adventure pick-me-up is a burst of citrus from a juicy clementine, and when it comes to mid-activity energy, he reaches for a pack of chewy and colorful Gummy Cluster Nerds. Whether conquering epic mountain bike trails or carving through fresh powder on the slopes, John keeps his energy levels high with these tasty treats.

John Skiing in Arizona

Whether carving fresh powder on the slopes, conquering challenging hikes, or enjoying the serenity of a camping trip, Charlie prioritizes simple and delicious snacks on his outdoor adventures in Colorado. Country Archer Grass Fed Beef Sticks provide a satisfying protein boost, while Perfect Bars [Chocolate Chip flavor] offer a balanced mix of nutrients. And of course, no summer adventure is complete without the classic combo of PB&J and a potassium-packed banana.

Charlie Hiking in Aspen Colorado

The GeerGarage team enjoys a wide variety of snacks to keep them fueled up for adventure. From sweet treats to savory options, there's a perfect snack out there for everyone. So, the next time you're planning your outdoor adventure, don't forget to pack some delicious fuel to keep you going strong!

We'd love to hear what your favorite snacks are to enjoy on outdoor adventures, share your recommendations in the comments on our recent video here!

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