Establishing Non Profit Partnerships in Seattle

Seattle has one of the strongest outdoor adventure communities in the country, and that is a result of hard work from locals, non profits, community organizations, government support, and the parks foundations. Here at GeerGarage we're excited to support their missions!

One of the most important things we think about when we think about GeerGarage, is a sense of community. Without the renters and lenders in the community, we would not be here today. And without the strong community that exists in Seattle, the outdoor scene would not be as great as it is today!

We have begun working closely with a number of non profits to empower their missions and help more folks get outside by renting outdoor gear instead of buying new. Read on to see how we're supporting their education programs, events, and membership networks and how you can help us work with more amazing organizations!

Engaging Non Profits in Seattle and Local Businesses

As part of our mission, we want to directly serve this community and contribute to these collective efforts. The more folks that can get outside and experience the joy of summiting a peak or seeing an alpine lake, the more folks will care enough to preserve the natural beauty in Washington. Getting to adventure outdoors is both an honor and a privilege, one that some won’t ever get to experience in their lifetimes.

For those of us who get to go outside and recreate often, we know just how special it is and how much it matters for our mental and physical health. Not only do we want to supply the gear that makes this possible for folks who otherwise might not have that opportunity, but we also want to be a driving force for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes at these organizations.

To make that happen, we’ve been reaching out to hundreds of nonprofits, community organizations and businesses across Seattle to figure out some ways we can collaborate. This can be as simple as letting them know who we are and offering our platform to their network so they know of the benefits that exist with renting gear rather than purchasing new. Oftentimes we’ll get them involved in our Lend to Own program where we give their members free gear so they can get outside and learn how to recreate safely. We also provide support for their ongoing efforts, like our partnership with Washington Wild where we help increase the reach of their Action Alerts and have our Ambassadors attend their events.

Washington State Parks Foundation we love our state parks

Other ways we work together include facilitating group orders for special events or meetups. By harnessing the collective power of our lender base we can supply large amounts of gear to groups focused on outdoor education, like Post84 which helps students learn how to recreate safely and introduces them to backpacking, kayaking, climbing, and more!

We also enable our non-profit partners to create lender accounts of their own, this way they can use their existing gear inventory to generate additional revenue for the organization. Some other organizations we’ve engaged include SheJumps, ECOSS, OutGrown, Mountains She & Sea, Climbers of Color, and more!

Help us grow our non profit partnerships and increase our reach in the Seattle Community!

As we accrue more partnerships, we’ll be creating a partnership page where all our partners can interact with each other, share information on their upcoming events or programs within the broader Seattle area, and share ways for the community to get involved. Through these efforts, we hope to create valuable cross-connections, expanding and combining our individual networks so that the Seattle outdoor community becomes one big interconnected network of people stoked to get outside! If you know any non-profits, community organizations or local businesses we should work with, please let us know by filling out this quick form and introducing us via email!