June 2024 GeerGarage Feature Update

Our website is now easier to navigate, bursting with helpful info, and ready to fuel your summer adventures. We've expanded to new states, revamped our rental checkout experience, and many more exciting features - all designed to make sharing and renting outdoor gear a breeze!

We've been working hard to improve your overall experience at GeerGarage. By making the platform easier to navigate, more informative, packed with features ultimately designed to enhance your outdoor adventures. Let's dive in...

The home page, navigation bar, and many of the subpages have been updated to make the site more user friendly, easy to navigate, and provide in depth information about how GeerGarage works. Our mission page has been updated to show how what we're building can create a shift in consumption in the outdoor industry, and you can also get to know the team behind these efforts with the new introductions on our about page.

Multi-State Support: We now support states outside of Washington including Nevada, Vermont, and many more to come! Users can now add gear to other areas and rentals will be available in those areas automatically once the minimum gear threshold is met.

Rental Checkout Experience: Rental checkout has been redesigned to be more intuitive and informative with additions such as item images, and a suggested pickup map. It also paves the way for the upcoming addition of our rental by experience feature which will allow you to rent gear packages designed to fit your next adventure.

Organizations & Partnerships: We are now partnering with local retail stores and non profits to offer additional rental and lending options to the existing peer to peer marketplace. Renters can now access rentals offered at partner locations, and lenders have the opportunity to keep a larger portion of earnings when choosing a store credit payout or donation when a rental is referred to GeerGarage by our partners.

We're stoked about these updates and can't wait for you to experience them firsthand - so what're you waiting for? Head over to our website here and explore the new features! We'd love to hear your feedback in the comments below!