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The GeerGarage community is part of a movement to change the way society values our precious planet and those who share it.

The outdoors are for everyone

GeerGarage believes the outdoors should be shared and enjoyed by all. Since you’re here, you probably do too. Unfortunately, climate change threatens to forever alter our natural world…

Here, you can soothe that climate anxiety; the more people are able to enjoy the outdoors the more individuals will value it as a precious resource. Growing the recreational community makes us all stronger in the fight to preserve our environment, but in a way that is enjoyable rather than stress-inducing.

The GeerGarage community is part of a movement to change the way society values our precious planet and those who share it.

Get active for the environment (and great gear)

GeerGarage promotes environmental sustainability by facilitating gear-sharing as an alternative to purchasing new. The fact is: individually-owned gear sits unused for most of its life.

Deep down, we all know dormant equipment is a waste of money and the resources that made it. The latest backpacking pack calling to be your next purchase will be responsible for significant CO2 emissions during its production and distribution. This is tricky when you love the planet, but want to enjoy recreation on it too.

Technology changes fast, and by the time you get into double-figure usage for your new piece of gear, a newer, better-designed, lighter model could be calling… 

The right to repair

Our community is not unique in our efforts to protect the environment.

According to a recent article in the New York Times, the "right to repair" movement has the goal of requiring "companies to make their parts, tools and information available to consumers and repair shops in order to keep devices from ending up in the scrap heap."

The movement’s advocates argue for the prohibition of rules increasingly imposed by manufacturers that "restrict people’s use of devices that they own and encourage a throwaway culture by making repairs too difficult.

They also argue that it’s part of a culture of planned obsolescence — the idea that products are designed to be short-lived in order to encourage people to buy more stuff. That contributes to wasted natural resources and energy use at a time when climate change requires movement in the opposite direction to rein in plant-warming emissions."

The GeerGarage community is proud to work in tandem with the right to repair movement. In the meantime, we are reimagining the right to replace. 


Building community

GeerGarage drives community with a platform where neighbors passionate about exploring the outdoors can benefit from each other. Playing outside usually requires knowledge best gained through experience. Without it, starting out can be daunting and many people don’t have connections to the specific outdoorsy-folk that can provide them with the needed support.

Using our platform connects you with local outdoor enthusiasts committed to sharing equipment and tips on gear or discussing adventures and outdoor best practices. We are in this world together and GeerGarage hopes to bring us all a little closer.

GeerGarage community

Earn while giving back

New outdoor equipment is too expensive for many. You also need a lot of it! Did you know, purchasing the minimum gear required to go on a backpacking trip can cost as much as $1000? GeerGarage uses a pricing philosophy designed to make the outdoors more accessible to all.

Buying new outdoor gear represents a chunk of disposable income many cannot afford. By promoting gear re-use, GeerGarage not only helps lenders to earn back some of the money they’ve already spent, but gives renters access to gear without the upfront cost of buying new (and at prices lower than other rental outlets!)

Be part of a solution that’s creating a better future with a community that cares. Join us, and help get society activated for the planet, one rental at a time. 

Read more about GeerGarage's Mission

Read more about GeerGarage's Mission