Spring might be the best time to explore Washington’s nature

Spring could be the Pacific Northwest’s best kept secret, so don’t let naysayers discourage you! This season is stunning, and has plenty of activities to keep you busy out in nature.

While spring in Washington State might have a reputation for gloom and rain, there’s also lingering snow, cherry blossoms and longer days. Spring could be the Pacific Northwest’s best kept secret, so don’t let naysayers discourage you! This season is stunning, and has plenty of activities to keep you busy out in nature.

We’re not called the Evergreen State for nothing. Explore and enjoy the outdoors February to May – just a few months shy of summer’s peak travel season, outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of the fewer crowds congregating at parks and forests in spring.  

From bright blooming buds, growing greenery and waking wildlife, in the Pacific Northwest there’s no shortage of Springtime sights. With the right gear you can stay on top of any seasonal surprises.

At GeerGarage, we’re Washington-loving locals obsessed with the outdoors. We’ve frolicked first-hand in every season around here and are fluent in activities to keep you busy year-round from shaded biking to snowshoeing, boarding and everything in between.

We believe adventuring in nature shouldn’t be restricted by season. That’s why our rental platform offers outdoor gear suitable for every time of year, so you can enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest whatever the weather.  

What is spring in Washington like?

With captivating coastlines, dense forests, sand dunes and mountains forming the backdrop of the Pacific Northwest, Washington State boasts landscape like no other. In spring, the weather can vary slightly between these different regions.

The Cascade Mountain Range divides Washington into two sides – east and west. The state's eastern region is often slightly warmer and drier than the west due to the Cascade Mountains blocking rainfall and winds. This means you’ll likely find sunny skies in the east – perfect for those afternoon hikes!

In Western Washington, the atmosphere is a bit moodier, with clouds shrouding the sky. While the cold winter temperatures typical for places like Seattle start to ease come spring, it’s not odd to see days of steady rain. In general, Washington’s rainy season continues into June, so be sure to pack layers and waterproofs when you’re enjoying the outdoors!

Light snow is also possible in the mountains and at higher elevations, making springtime a season of variety in Washington.

Snow joke!

The best way to enjoy spring’s milder temperatures and the spectacular snowy mountain views is to hit the slopes for the last ride of the season. No matter what your experience level or preference, Washington has plenty of options to choose from.

From snowboarding at one of the state’s resorts like Mt. Baker, sledding down hills, or snowshoeing around our multitude of national parks and forests, Washington has something to suit any outdoor enthusiast.  

Home to the snowiest place in the United States, Mount Rainier, Washington is renowned for its long ski season that stretches well into May. The largest ski resort, Crystal Mountain Resort, boasts over 50 runs and 2,600 acres of terrain ready to explore , 

Get geared up for springtime snow

To truly immerse yourself in Washington’s nature in spring, the right gear makes a world of difference. Try a snowy hike with snowshoes, insulated clothes, trekking poles, and microspikes to unlock a new way to enjoy tired trails. Want to immerse yourself in winter sports instead? Stay safe with specialized helmets, goggles and gloves before reaching for a board or skis. It’s not worth skimping on these, even though buying the gear necessary for a snowy mountain escape can quickly become expensive… luckily there’s an alternative.

Microspikes spring hiking Washington

With seasonal hobbies that you can’t use gear for all year round, renting is your friend. Rental gear is not only more affordable than purchasing outright, but it also creates less waste and is better for the environment. Plus, when the season ends, you won’t have to worry about storing bulky gear you won’t use until the next snow season.

At GeerGarage, we’re committed to making gear accessible for everyone to enjoy the spectacle of Washington’s springtime. Lenders recoup gear costs by renting their unused equipment to like-minded outdoor enthusiasts. With competitive rental prices and a knowledgeable community, the GeerGarage platform makes awesome, yet affordable, gear just a couple of clicks away.

Calm and cool

Time it right, and Spring can be a great time to start trying more strenuous activities. Some say, the mountain biking season opens in April after all! Learning to ride or hike mountains in the summer can get hot fast, with sunstroke and dehydration posing a real risk, not to mention all the extra water you’ll need to carry. 

As soon as the ice melts and reveals the trails, sweaty and wheeled activities are back on the cards!

…so what are you waiting for?

Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or just looking to escape city life, spring is an ideal time to explore Washington’s nature. This state offers something for everyone in springtime – often all you need is an extra layer of gear! With the lengthening days, you can easily get outside after your day’s responsibilities meaning post-work wanders and after-school sends.

Time to rent some gear, grab a waterproof jacket and get ready to explore the sights of spring in the Evergreen State.

What’s your favorite month to enjoy Washington’s Spring nature?