GeerGarage expands to empower retailers

We're excited to share some news that will revolutionize how you explore the PNW and beyond.

We're excited to share some news that will revolutionize how you explore the PNW and beyond. GeerGarage is about to take your adventures to the next level.

friends backpacking in the mountains

GeerGarage is passionate about empowering conscious consumption through peer to peer rentals. While our initial focus these last 3 years was on empowering individual consumers, we've realized that this approach has left out a key stakeholder - the retailers where we purchase our things in the first place. Ultimately for sharing things to become easy and commonplace in our society, we've come to understand that retailers must directly benefit as well, alongside consumers.

Mutual benefit for everyone involved aligns all stakeholders towards making the sharing economy a reality. This is essential to making sustainable outdoor experiences accessible to everyone and cannot be accomplished without retailer support. After all, things will always need to be purchased at some point before they can be shared. The true magic GeerGarage aims to create moving forward is not just in making individual connections seamless when sharing things. Our magic will also be in pioneering a new business model where everyone wins - retailers, society, and the planet.

That's why we're thrilled to announce we're expanding our offerings by partnering with your favorite retailers. We're offering our peer to peer rental platform as a turnkey circularity solution for retailers to enable them to outsource rental to their customer community. We're partnering with top retailers across the country to bring our seamless rental experience directly into your favorite stores.

Why involve retailers? We believe we can only make a true impact on sustainable living by scaling up. By joining forces with retailers, we can make eco-conscious adventures accessible to everyone, everywhere. It's a win-win-win for businesses, consumers, and Mother Nature.

Stay tuned for more retail partner updates, industry news and updates and a whole lot of sustainable adventures! Don't forget to stay connected by following us on Instagram and LinkedIn.

To our loyal customers who have enjoyed both renting and lending through us these past few years: The renting and lending you are already doing with us is about to get super charged as we bring retailers into the fold. Stay tuned for our first retail partner launch - coming soon!

The future of retail is circular, accessible, and shared. And guess what? It's not just around the corner – it's happening right now, right in your favorite stores! Let's explore it together, one epic adventure at a time.