We help our partners use rental to grow and engage with their community.

Our rental platform empowers your community to rent and lend amongst one another. You earn on every rental.

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Let your customers work for you

Digital marketing is getting more expensive and less effective.

Instead of paying for ads or running sales to stay top of mind, invite your community to make money lending. Earnings can then be spent with you in the future. Increase foot traffic in your store in the process.

Traditional rental can be painful.

Remove the need to manage inventory and orders by allowing your customers to fulfill rentals. If you already offer traditional rental, expand your existing offering with new products available in the community.

Business is evolving and rental is the next frontier.

Become a trailblazer for the sharing economy and stay relevant by introducing new ways for your community to engage with you. Partner with us to supercharge your business.

Rental should be easy.

Partner with us and take part in a paradigm shift that embraces sustainability, reduces waste and increases profit. Get set up on GeerGarage in only 15 minutes!

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How does it work?


Reach out to our team

We'll explain what partnership entails, onboard and get you started with rental in as little as one week!


Select what to offer

Based on your unique needs and rental approach, pick the experiences and gear you want to offer your customers.


We build rental for you

You'll get a branded rental checkout on GeerGarage. Either you or the community can fulfill rentals created here.


Tell your customers

Direct your customers to both rent and lend through GeerGarage. You earn money each time they transact.

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Our team will reach out with next steps!

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We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your unique challenges. Together we can all increase access to the outdoors and consume more sustainably.