Our mission

GeerGarage is the peer-to-peer rental marketplace that aims to change humanity's consumption habits by creating an easy and mutually beneficial way for people to share things within the local community.

Our society needs to consume more sustainably.

Many things today are bought, used a few times and then put into storage on the shelf. We believe everyone can and should have access to these unused resources. So we started GeerGarage, to get society prioritizing the planet, one rental at a time.

GeerGarage makes rental effortless and beneficial for everyone. Launched in Seattle in 2020, our community-driven technology matches people looking to rent things with those willing to lend nearby. This gives renters a seamless way to access things in the community without having to do the work themselves to find it. Sharing has never been easier.

Sharing must be a priority

We refuse to be silent bystanders. We envision a world where communities unlock the magic of shared abundance. GeerGarage isn't just a platform; it's a movement. It's a call to action for retailers and society alike. It's a nudge to prioritize the planet, one rental, one borrowed item, one shared adventure at a time.

GeerGarage is built to benefit retailers.

People will always need and want to buy things. Retail is essential to all of our daily lives and to the economy. We partner directly with retailers to encourage sharing in the community because everyone must benefit for the sharing economy to succeed. GeerGarage is built to reward and supercharge retailer participation in the sharing that takes place on our platform.

Grow and engage with your community through rental

Work in retail or at a nonprofit? GeerGarage can help you stay top of mind with your community by empowering them to rent and lend amongst one another.

We must increase accessibility and diversity

The more people are able to experience the outdoors, the more folks will value and protect it – making us stronger in the fight against climate change.

Gear is incredibly expensive and sits unused in garages around America. It costs >$1000 to buy all of the equipment you need to go on a backpacking trip. It is hard to justify this cost for a hobby unless you are an avid and frequent participant with a lot of disposable income.

Easy and affordable access is here to stay.

The high cost of goods both marginalizes and discourages overburdened communities - whether that's in outdoor recreation, home improvement or elsewhere. GeerGarage aims to lower this financial barrier by providing a convenient and affordable alternative to purchasing new things. Additionally, those who already own equipment can use GeerGarage to recoup the cost of their purchases and as another income source.

Read about our community's commitment to sustainability and accessibility.

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