Earn money lending your gear

Outdoor gear is expensive and spends most of its life sitting unused!
Put your gear to good use with GeerGarage and empower others in the community to get outside.

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We make lending safe and effortless.

Security deposit protection

If there's damage to your gear, you can claim the deposit and be fully reimbursed by the renter. We keep their card on file should the item be lost or damaged beyond repair. If you encounter any issues beyond this, contact us so we can make it right.

Opt in or out of any rental

Most of our lenders use their gear on weekends and have busy schedules. We text multiple lenders to fulfill a given rental to account for this. Accept or decline rental requests as your schedule / interest allows.

Our support team has your back

Get access to 24/7 Customer Support, providing assistance for you and your renters when you need it. Our experienced trust and safety team will be with you night and day and can provide one-on-one onboarding to answer any questions you have and help you build your rental business.

Convenient lending

Accept / manage inventory and bookings, message renters and more directly from your phone. When rentals are completed track earnings as they get deposited directly into your bank account. Exchange gear wherever is most convenient to you.

GeerGarage has been an amazing source of extra income for me. I've already made over $900 just putting my gear on my porch for renters to pick up. People have treated the gear great and I love the fact that I'm able to help them get outside!

— Katie, lending in Seattle

How lending works

List your gear for rent.

Choose your gear from our list of currently supported inventory. Only list gear for rent that is high quality, clean and in good working condition. It should be gear that you would not hesitate to use yourself.

Configure a Stripe account.

We use Stripe payment processing to deposit your earnings directly into your bank account. Stripe is used by some of the biggest companies today including Lyft, Target, PostMates, Shopify and Squarespace to name a few. To learn more about Stripe, visit their website.

Note: You configure your account with Stripe directly through the GeerGarage website.

Get texted to lend.

When a renter requests gear that you have listed for rent, we'll invite you to claim the rental. We contact multiple lenders for each rental and match the renter on a first come first served basis. Opt in or out of any rental as your schedule allows.

Meet the renter for pickup.

Decide on a pickup location / time and meet the renter to do the gear exchange.

Get your gear back and earn cash.

Once your rental is complete, we deposit your earnings directly into your bank account. Let your gear make you money instead of sitting on your shelf collecting dust!