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Get new gear for free!

Lend to Own℠ Program

How it works

Use and lend gear we provide

Free gear

We give you free gear. You can use this gear at your leisure.

Passive income

In exchange for the gear, you agree to maintain it in good working order and lend it out. You'll make money each time.

Ownership of gear

You'll own each item we give you from day one and it will be yours to keep once our share of rental income on the item equals our program fee.

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Lend to Own℠ is the best way to get free gear.

Outdoor recreation is expensive. GeerGarage can eliminate these intro costs for you!

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Yes - free gear!

What's the catch?

There is NO CATCH! That's because:

We need more gear supply

GeerGarage is a marketplace for outdoor gear. We need enough inventory to meet any demand that comes in. Renters need to be sure when they place a rental order that we will be able to fulfill it.

We are buying gear to seed markets

As a new marketplace we do not yet have a large enough lender base to guarantee order fulfillment. We are solving this common startup problem by providing select individuals with free gear.

We need you to lend this gear!

We have a bunch of gear waiting to be lent out. That's where you come in! We need you to lend the gear we provide so we don't have to turn away renters.

Common questions

Read through the answers to these common questions to learn more about our Lend to Own℠ program. If you have a question that has not been addressed, feel free to contact us.

How much gear will I get?

The gear you receive will take into account both what you need and the types of gear for which we have a supply shortage in your local market. The more you lend out the gear we give you, the more likely we’ll give you more free gear in the future!

How much money can I make?

Every time you lend out an item we provide through the Lend to Own℠ program, you will make a percentage of the rental charge for that item. That percentage is currently 20% and will increase to the normal percentage for lender-originated items (currently 60%) once we recoup our program fee on the item. And we encourage you to augment the gear we give you with additional gear to earn even more on the platform by fulfilling more orders! An example of how this works is below.

Let’s say we provided you with a tent that you lent out for a week for a rental charge of $150. Based on the current percentages shown above, you would earn either $30 or $90, depending on whether or not our program fee had been recouped at the time of the rental.

What is the program fee?

You don't need to pay anything to participate in the Lend to Own℠ program. Instead, our program fee is paid off over time as you lend items we've provided. The fee for each item is presently 150% of the manufacturer's suggested retail price. Once the fee is earned out, your ownership of the item fully vests. This will typically occur after a few months of lending a given item.

Will I really own the items?

Yes, you will own each item from the time you receive it. And your ownership will be fully vested once our program fee is earned out.