Standup paddle board rental


Paddle boards are a great option for exploring your local waterways. Please note that the U.S. Coast Guard classifies stand up paddle boards as vessels, so if you’re paddling outside a surf or swimming area, you have to have a PFD on board.

How to choose

  • Inflatable: Inflatable standup paddle boards (SUPs) are extremely portable and fun to use on the water during the summer. They’re also popular among yogis out on the water, as they can be a bit softer than solid boards and are more comfortable for yoga poses. Packed away, an inflatable board can be checked on an airplane or stowed in a car. Most storage bags have backpack straps for easy carrying.

  • Hardshell: The hardshell is less portable than their inflatable cousins, but they are more durable and can move faster through the water.

$40.00 first night

$20.00 / additional night

$200.00 refundable deposit

04/18/2024 to 04/21/2024
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