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August Priorities

Here at GeerGarage, we're working hard behind the scenes to do a lot of things, but with the intention of serving one main goal- furthering our mission of increasing access to the outdoors! With that being said, we've got some exciting updates that we wanted to share with you all to get you stoked for GeerGarage's development moving forward.

This month's primary focus has been on creating meaningful engagement within the greater Seattle Community. Some of our key efforts are below.

  • We're working to make our platform more valuable to all types of outdoor gear renters and lenders by expanding our gear offerings.

  • We are also working closely with a number of non-profits to empower their missions.

  • And we are getting our Lend to Own program ambassadors out and about to engage with community members face-to-face.

Climbing Gear Rental Now Available in Seattle!

First on the list, we are now supporting climbing gear rental on the site! Our Ambassadors have been hanging at the Seattle Bouldering Project (more on that in a later post) speaking with members of the community and they have made it clear that Seattle loves to climb. To support our fellow climbers, we want to be sure that GeerGarage supports these categories so folks have the opportunity to try climbing for the first time, try out a new piece of gear, or simply grab an extra item they need for a trip with friends. 

Climbing 2

Lend out your climbing gear to earn passive income

By opening up this new category, we also want to give climbers the opportunity to offer up gear they aren't actively using to rent to the community. These lenders can earn some extra cash on the side (side hustles are all the rage in 2023, right?) while feeling good that they're facilitating a new adventure for someone else in the community.

Climbing can be a hard sport to get into, between the expensive and incredibly uncomfortable shoes and the boulder bros, we want to make sure that GeerGarage is providing a supportive environment for folks to try it for the first time, or to grow their skills and experiences. With that in mind, we will now support rental of the following types of climbing gear:

Head on over to create an outdoor gear rental to start using this new equipment!

Technical Hiking and Mountaineering Equipment available for rent in Seattle!

As we approach fall and winter here in the PNW, we have also added technical hiking gear to the mix to allow folks to extend their adventures far into the season. Technical hiking gear is essential for summiting big peaks and dealing with changes in terrain as snow and ice accumulate. With so many big peaks close to Seattle, renting technical hiking gear from us is a great opportunity to take your adventures farther and higher. Try out mountaineering for the first time, rent a new piece of gear to make your adventures even better, or if you've already got the stuff, list it for rent and enable others to give it a shot.

While we are always focused on enabling folks to try these activities for the first time and increase their outdoor acumen, we also want to be sure we can support our more advanced users. By increasing the types of gear we carry on our site, we can enable more technical adventures, making sure that GeerGarage always has what you need to get outside in any capacity. For our technical hiking gear rental, we've added support for the following items:

  • Mountaineering boots

  • Crampons

  • GPS/Satellite Communication devices

  • Backpacking lanterns. 


More Outdoor Gear Available to Rent soon!

This will also lead nicely to our winter gear offerings, but more to come on that later… For now, we will also be working to add a bunch more items to our platform including, bike boxes, hammocks, rooftop tents, and ski/snowboard gear. Got any gear that you’d like to see on the site? Fill out this very short survey to let us know what we should add next! 

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