Renting gear off your peers can raise a lot of questions. Answers to the ones we commonly receive are below.

Renting gear

I want to rent gear - how does this work??

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How do I know the gear will be good?

After rental completion, we encourage all renters and lenders to write reviews of their experience. These reviews are visible on each user's profile and enforces accountability on the platform. Reviews ensure that our lender community is comprised of knowledgable, friendly people who are passionate about the outdoors and have high quality equipment.

Make sure to complete a review at the end of your rental as this is vital to maintaining a great community on GeerGarage!

How are you all addressing COVID19 health risks?

GeerGarage encourages both renters and lenders to wear masks when exchanging items. We also suggest that, where possible, lenders and renters wipe down equipment prior to exchange and/or use. We encourage lenders to set aside their gear before and after use for up to 48 hours to allow additional time for any pathogens that may have gotten on the gear to die. Please note, however, that we are not doctors and you choose to use GeerGarage (as with any other service you use or business you transact with during this time) at your own risk.

I want to rent a specific brand of item - do you all support this?

We currently match up renters with lenders based off of the type of gear that was requested. This does not guarantee any specific brand or item for your rental.

Renting out your gear to others

What is the process like for me as a gear lender?

Once you create an account and list your gear for rent you will begin to receive emails from us whenever someone nearby has placed a rental request for items you own. From there you can claim the rental to get matched up with the person. We provide a suggested meetup location and a messaging platform for you to coordinate pickup / dropoff of the gear. We also charge the renter for the rental fee and a deposit on your behalf. At the end of the rental, get your gear back and complete the rental to receive your cash earnings. The earnings will be automatically deposited into the bank account you configured with Stripe during your onboarding as an owner.

What if my gear is damaged while it is rented out?

GeerGarage charges renters a deposit per item. If there is damage or something else that mandates funds to be withdrawn from the deposit, begin our dispute process by clicking the "Dispute" button in your rental page instead of "Complete" once the items are returned to you. From there, someone from GeerGarage will contact you to discuss your request for funds from the deposit and will act as a mediator between you and the renter. If your gear is lost or damaged beyond repair the renter will be charged the market rate for the item using their credit card on file. For more info on our dispute and fee process, please see our Terms of Service.

Lenders are also able to review renters on the platform. This ensures that renters are accountable for taking good care of the gear while it is in their possession. Make sure to complete a review at the end of your rentals as this is vital to maintaining a great community on GeerGarage!

I need to repair or clean my gear after lending. What should I do?

We recommend that you work with our partner Rainy Pass Repair for any and all gear repairs that you need. They are able to do repair, laundry and alterations as needed.

I want to rent out my sleeping bag but I am concerned about other people using it and getting it dirty. How should I handle this?

We encourage lenders to purchase a sleeping bag liner to provide to renters along with the sleeping bag. Liners can be easily washed between uses and will keep the inside of your bag clean.

How much will I earn off of a rental?

Gear lenders earn 60% of the rental subtotal. To provide an example, if a customer rents items amounting to a subtotal of $100, the lender will receive a $60 payout upon completion of the rental. This payout will be deposited in the bank account you configured during your Stripe onboarding process.

Why can't I set my own prices?

We price all items of a given type, such as 2 person tents, the same to ensure consistent pricing for renters on the platform. Prices are based on our assessment of an accessible price and what comparable options exist. GeerGarage's mission is to make the outdoors accessible for all and our pricing reflects this mission.

How do I see my earnings once I've completed a rental?

You can view your earnings on your Stripe dashboard. This can be accessed by going to the Account > Payments & payouts page. Stripe also has the Stripe Express app available on both iOS and Android that you can use.

How long does it take for my earnings to land in my account?

We initiate your payout as soon as the rental is completed. It typically takes a few days for the funds to land in your account.


Will I be charged if I cancel my rental?

Before your rental is claimed by a gear lender you can cancel free of charge. Once claimed, cancellations made 2 days or more in advance of the rental start will receive a full refund. Once your rental period begins the rental is non refundable. To learn more about our rental policies please visit our Terms of Service.

How is the rental rate determined?

We determine rental rates based off of our assessment of an accessible price and what comparible alternative options exist for those not well off enough to purchase new.

Why are there rental deposits and how do they work?

We charge deposits to ensure the gear lenders can be reimbursed if anything happens to the gear while it is in your possession. This deposit is charged 24 hours in advance of your rental start. If your rental is 5 days or less we will take a hold on your card. If your rental is more than 5 days we will charge for the deposit and refund you at the end of the rental. Your rental deposit is calculated by adding up the individual deposit rate for each item you are renting up to a maximum deposit amount of $200.

What is the Stripe payment platform? Is my data secure with them?

Stripe is an eCommerce platform that is used by some of the biggest companies today, all of whom have similar data security and privacy concerns as GeerGarage. Companies using Stripe include Lyft, PostMates, SquareSpace and Target to name a few. To learn more about Stripe, visit their website.