Bear canister

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Keep bears, raccoons and other critters from inviting themselves to your campsite! When you’re camping in the backcountry and unable to use the traditional method of hanging food from a tree, a bear canister is a necessary alternative. These portable, vaulted, hard-sided containers store your food or scented items, like toiletries and trash, while you sleep. Note that an approved canister is mandatory in some national parks and wilderness areas, so be sure to contact individual park and wilderness area administrators for recommended guidelines. Canisters typically hold 3-5 days’ worth of food and toiletries for every 1 person. Make sure to place the canister upside-down (prevents rain build-up) and downwind in an open area 100 feet or so away from your tent in case any local bears get curious. If you’re worried about finding your canister in the dark, use reflective tape or fluorescent paint to boost their visibility. Don’t forget to pack a bear canister in your camping supplies.

$3.00 first night

$2.00 / additional night

$100.00 refundable deposit

09/30/2022 to 10/03/2022
Bear canister
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