Hiking / Camping

Keep all your food and beverages cold and secured in your cooler throughout your trip. The cooler is an essential part of the camping experience. Keep food from spoiling in your cooler by keeping it at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or colder. Stack meats and other perishables at the bottom, where it’s coldest. At night, place your cooler inside your vehicle or into a metal bear box if there is one. Outdoor critters, like raccoons and bears, are adept at opening some coolers. Padlocks might be required. Participate in your outdoor recreational activities with delight knowing that the cooler is keeping your food and beverages chilled.

How to choose

  • 4L: Able to hold a few things like a drink and lunch with ice.

  • 30L: Able to hold around 20 - 30 cans with ice.

  • 50L: Able to hold around 80 cans with ice.

  • 65L: Able to hold around 100 cans with ice.

$3.00 first night

$2.00 / additional night

$100.00 refundable deposit

09/30/2022 to 10/03/2022
We're sorry - this item is not available during the selected period.