Pricing for accessibility

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Let’s be honest: purchasing tents, stoves, sleeping bags and backpacks sturdy enough for outdoor use can be pricey. Engaging in an outdoor activity, like mountain biking, or paddle boarding, can be expensive too. These up-front costs serve as a barrier to participation for many. Renting is always an option, but rental costs can also be challenging. We are trying to address this at GeerGarage through competitive rental pricing designed to promote accessibility, while permitting gear owners to make money from unused equipment.

An outdoors for everyone

On July 28, 2020, the Los Angeles Times ran an article addressing the cost of outdoor gear as a barrier to accessibility. The article profiles one woman, Mo Jackson, who believes that high cost stops people of color from accessing the outdoors. Jackson wants to change this by offering free camping kits. She started a GoFundMe page that has raised at least $55,000 to buy items for free camping kits.

One of her users stated: "I’m working class. I was intimidated. Did I have what I needed? Would I be warm and comfortable? Camping is an investment, and I’ve always had to prioritize other bills."

GeerGarage does not offer free gear ownership. But we do offer gear rental at competitive price points designed to maximize accessibility while allowing gear owners to make money from unused gear. For example, a quick comparison of paddleboard rentals available in the Seattle area on October 26, 2020, indicates that prices can range from $20.00 per hour at a specialty store to $60.00 or more per night at a major outlet. At GeerGarage, you can rent a paddleboard for $42.00 a night. Similarly, a comparison of backpacking stove rentals on the same date indicates that prices can range from $8.00 to $12.00 for the first night at a major outlet to $25.00 for 1-3 days at a smaller vendor. Renting a backpacking stove from GeerGarage costs only $5.00 per night.

Gear users, is it more economical to rent from a major chain or a specialty vendor or to rent from GeerGarage? Gear owners, is it better to let your outdoor gear sit around unused, or to make some money?

A community of inclusion

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GeerGarage also offers a major benefit that goes beyond financial considerations. GeerGarage offers both owners and renters the opportunity to be part of a local community of gear enthusiasts who want to share experiences, a love of the outdoors, and a desire to make the outdoors accessible to all, while being mindful of the risks of global climate change. By using the GeerGarage platform, you are participating in a community of like-minded individuals who want to build a socially and environmentally responsible future. GeerGarage’s pricing and overall philosophy addresses today’s challenges and brings new opportunities to our members. Join us!