Sustainability and reducing the outdoor industry’s footprint

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The outdoor industry is booming and while gear makes it possible to connect to the natural environment in an intimate way, buying new equipment instead of reusing what is already out there can have a negative impact on our environment. For many recreational gear owners who take a handful of trips a season, unused gear sitting in the garage is common.

GeerGarage has introduced a sustainable model for putting unused gear in circulation by creating a platform connecting those in the community who already have gear with folks who need it.

A costly supply chain

According to Patagonia, a pioneer in sustainable business practices, "95% of our carbon emissions come from our supply chain - the term that textile manufacturers use to describe everything from the crops grown to make yarn, to shipping finished clothes to warehouses, stores and customers' front steps."

PlanetAid, a non-profit that collects and recycles used textiles to protect the environment, observes "… the production of fabric consumes a surprising quantity of fresh water. One T-shirt, for example, consumes about 700 gallons of water."

And coverage of a 2018 report by the Outdoor Industry Association notes that “80 suppliers are used to make just one tent.”

All of us need to be aware of the environmental impacts associated with the production of outdoor gear and be mindful that buying new may not be a neutral environmental practice.

A way forward through equipment reuse

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Here at GeerGarage, we are working to understand how best to lessen the impact of our environmental footprint while still enjoying the outdoors. By supporting a community of individuals dedicated to reusing outdoor gear, we can slow the accelerating rate of new gear production.

Gear owners, renting out your unused gear on GeerGarage means you won’t be wasting the energy used to manufacture your gear, whether from carbon-based or renewable sources. And for those in need of gear for an upcoming trip, renting it from your neighbor through GeerGarage means you won’t become yet another end user in a wasteful supply chain. You can both be part of a community that’s working to diminish the impact of the outdoor industry on the environment. Join us!